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Photo Sculpture Bases

Speaking from the retail point of view, you will even see an increase in sales because of the unique style our bases will add to each of your photo sculptures.

Not only that, but each of our bases are a full 2" wide to add greater stability to each and every one of your photo sculpture projects.

And our Patented design (#D386007) is making Stand Up Photos, Inc. the leader in this new industry of cut-out stand up photo sculptures and photos, bar none !


  • Lower Costs
  • Increased Sales
  • Save Time & Labor
  • Superior Design
  • Greater Stability
  • Classic Black
  • No Buffing Required
  • Free Mounting Feature
    First Order Only (3 cases minimum) (additional mounting fixtures, $20.00 each)
  • Free Samples
    Call or write for FREE Sample Bases, or for more info


"Your Bases are now just a phone call away!"