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Photo Sculpture Opportunities


The time is now to take advantage of this business opportunity of the millennium, working with Photo Sculptures!

Work out of your own home making Photo Sculptures. Set your own hours. Work as much, or as little as you want too!

There are Thousands of Dollars to be made in Photo Sculptures in your spare time. If you like to work with your hands to create works of art, then the Photo Sculptures business is just the thing for you!

You really can get paid for doing something you like to do. It's easy to learn how to make Photo Sculptures. Easy to do, and even easier to get started!

At Stand Up Photos, Inc. we honestly believe that your success is also our success!

We will teach you all the trade secrets in making "Photo Sculptures" to perfection. We will then guide you in purchasing the right equipment required to make and produce a quality "sculpture", and provide you with 3 days training (8 hours each day).

You will spend hours of hands on cutting to insure proper technique and skills. Also included in your training will be all the little things that will make your "Photo Sculpture" business a big success.

There are endless markets for "Photo Sculptures". The following are just a few for starters: Photo Labs, Weddings, Portrait Studios, Graduations, Car Shows, Sports, Motorcycle Shows, Realtors, Pet Shows, Martial Arts, Trophy Shows, Newborn Babies (Hospitals.)

If you are tired of reading information, and want to get started, then contact us right away! 

We are waiting for your call, and ready to help you get started!

We will provide you with all the costs information involved in getting started. This will include training, equipment, and supplies.

The "First Step" to owning a profitable "Photo Sculpture" business is to allow Stand Up Photos, Inc. to guide you on the path. Once you learn the skills, the possibilities are endless!


  • Prepare the picture
  • Apply the adhesive
  • Rough cut the acrylic
  • Mount the picture to the acrylic
  • Machine finish the bottom (for flatness)
  • Set up the "Sculpture Saw"
  • Wrap for Shipping
  • Prepare invoices, and statements
  • Set-up Accounts

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